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You may have heard of having a tummy tuck surgery to effectively make your belly flat and firm. The procedure may sound overly invasive or drastic for you, but have you heard of a mini tummy tuck? If your main concern is the belly fat on your lower abdomen, then this type of abdominoplasty may be the one for you.


Mini tummy tuck: What is it?

A mini tummy tuck is a simpler and less invasive type of abdominoplasty where excess fat and skin on the lower part of the abdomen are removed. It is simpler because of three things:

  • The incision is smaller than the traditional tummy tuck;
  • The scope of the surgery is limited to the lower abdominal area; and
  • The navel is not repositioned.

These factors can mean that the procedure itself and its recovery period are shorter. You can also expect that unwanted complications with regard to anaesthesia and infection are smaller, and your scars are smaller and less noticeable!


Mini tummy tuck: Am I a good candidate?

Women (or men) who have significant excess belly fat located on the lower abdomen are fundamentally good candidates for this procedure. However, if you have health issues with regard to a heart or bleeding condition, healing abnormalities, and other health concerns, medical clearance from your GP and a medical specialist should first be obtained. If you are planning on starting a family or wanting to get pregnant, you may consider postponing your mini tummy tuck operation until you have given birth.


Mini tummy tuck: What you need to know about the surgery

The anaesthesia. Though you are undergoing a simpler abdominoplasty, our surgeon would still require you to have general anaesthesia as this is still considered a major operation. This means that you are asleep during the entire procedure for your own optimal comfort.

The incision. Your incision is located along the bikini line, a few inches shorter than an expected traditional tummy tuck incision. This incision allows your surgeon to remove excess fat and skin around your lower abdomen without significantly affecting your upper abdomen to warrant the repositioning of the belly button.

The procedure time. You can expect that the procedure may take approximately 1-2 hours. It will all depend on the amount of stubborn fat and excess skin to be removed. If you combine this procedure with other cosmetic operations like breast augmentation or liposuction, you should expect that the surgery time will take longer.

The recovery. Your mini tummy tuck surgery can have the same postsurgical side effects as that of a traditional one. Symptoms of soreness or discomfort, swelling, bruising, and some temporary changes in sensation along the operative site may be expected and are normal. You should allow yourself to completely recover and rest for at least 2 weeks. Strenuous activities or movements that would present pressure on the abdominal area should be avoided. It is expected that you will heal faster with a mini tummy tuck procedure than a traditional or extended one, but the work restrictions and limitations enforced are still the same.


It is essential to remember that after a mini tummy tuck surgery, you will not appreciate the final results of the procedure for several weeks or months because it would take time for post-operative swelling and bruising to subside completely. But once all the postoperative symptoms diminish or fade, you can enjoy a tighter, flatter, and leaner abs that would enhance your body silhouette and contour.

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