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read more of our thoughts and
learn from the experts


read more of our thoughts and
learn from the experts

Mini tummy tuck: Is this for me?

You may have heard of having a tummy tuck surgery to effectively make your belly flat and firm. The procedure may sound overly invasive or drastic for you, but have you heard of a mini tummy tuck? If your main concern is the belly fat on your lower abdomen, then this...

Tummy tuck recovery: What to expect

So you are planning to undergo abdominoplasty, and you want to know the details about the preparation before and after the procedure. You have researched about the cost and the surgery itself, but do you know what would happen after the operation? Here, we will give...

Tummy tuck Thailand: All you need to know

We have heard about the popularity of tummy tuck surgery in addressing stubborn belly fat both on men and women. We are aware that it is a cosmetic surgery that most women get after childbirth or due to aging, but nowadays, even men who are self-conscious about...

Can you remove tummy tuck scars?

So you are planning to have an abdominoplasty. You planned about the cost that this surgery would entail, arranged everything for the work restrictions and daily activity limitations after surgery, and even prepared yourself for the potential risks and complications...

All you need to know about tummy tuck surgery

There are many people nowadays who suffer from flabby, loose tummy and muffin tops. Different factors can cause this unsightly body area – obesity, post-pregnancy for women, aging, and even lack of exercise. Those who want to remove it turn to an active lifestyle,...

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